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Motivated by a desire to deliver sellers and buyers of property a better service, better results, and a better experience than the market has been offering, real estate professionals Leigh Pridham and Kim Jarvie-Pridham have established Pridham Property to provide the service they believe their clients deserve.
“Where others see themselves working as sales agents, we see ourselves delivering customer service.”

With over 40 years of real estate experience in the Diamond Valley, Leigh and Kim have earned a well-deserved reputation for exceptional client service and results. Their success has not been by accident. A loyal network of clients is a testament to hard work, tenacity, market knowledge and a profound understanding of what people are buying what property, where, and for how much!
Through prompt communication to both buyers and sellers, Leigh and Kim create a transparency that instils both confidence and trust in all concerned. “Our aim is to remove the stress from selling and buying, making it an exciting and enjoyable experience”.
They understand that one size does not fit all, so first and foremost, they believe the Pridham Process should fit their clients, not the other way around. As a boutique agency, they are able to introduce the flexibility other larger agencies may be unable to. If the process isn’t working for their client, Pridham Property can and will make the immediate changes. It’s up to Pridham Property to exceed their client’s demands everytime…not the other way round.

Now is the time to see how the Pridham Property Process works for you!

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Authentic people. Open conversation and property expertise. Pridham Property look beyond the usual to build our growing team. Our team is our greatest asset.


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